This is all about human beings linking their experiences.

I observed a pattern over the years: everything is a connected fractal system of interactions flowing simultaneously through 4 phases: observation, decision, implementation, delivering.

This four-stage cycle pushes me to grow up my understanding of humans, processes, technology and life.

I do information architecture, visual design, html/css/sass and many other things, and have enough technical knowledge to help developers translate the concept into a final product.

Also have enough human factors knowledge to perform research and usability tests.

Having flyed solo for a long time as freelancer, from a time to this part I'm resonating to fit into a team and expand my potential and my purpose from there. A balanced team that pull its strengths to cover its weaknesses.

I don't define myself only by one skills set or job title but by the specific roles I can play in product discovery and development.

Feel free to contact and let me sum my experiences with yours.